March 18, 2011


you and i can help make a difference

March 9, 2011

happy to be me

happy to be me

I sometimes have small anxiety attacks.
I am a worrier.
I do not have a bad temper.
I have no control near pastries.
I am very patient with others,
not so much with myself.
I realize I am not perfect...
and I never will be.
No one is perfect...or should be.
I have some weird issue with recipes,
they make me nervous...
so i never use them.
I am addicted to home decor magazines,
paper napkins,
dish towels
and table clothes.
I spoil my girls.
I am waiting for the perfect job
to land in my lap.
I have no idea what kind of job
that would be.
I keep busy all day,
but I never have
a perfect home.
I believe it doesn't need to be perfect
to be beautiful.
I love my life.
It's beautiful.

March 3, 2011


Another "fluff" post
just something pretty to look at.
Polyvore is like fantasy shopping.
Scanning the goods until something you love
catches your eye.
Money is no object here.
Neither is the fact
that you may not have a spot at home for it.
This is a chance to have exactly the look
you love...
and then another...
and another.
Zero commitment.
Shop until you drop.
Have it all.
thanks for dropping by.

March 1, 2011

oh to be this free spirited!

oh to be this free spirited!

Getting in the right frame of mind
is tricky.
Making time to focus
and then find the right time
to be creative...
it's hard,
because life is busy.
It will take time for me
to learn to carve a piece of special
"me" time
into our life.
It's still "our life" around here for a while.
...don't get me wrong...
i love being the glue.
I was born to be the mama
of these amazing girls.
I'll just continue to play around
when the day allows.
...and constantly remind myself
of how lucky i am.