May 24, 2011

a summer memory

a summer memory
the middle of summer,
an evening ball game in the park.
cold beer on a hot night,
music and dancing...
all worth remembering.

May 19, 2011


don't get me wrong...
i knew it would show up eventually,

but it sure took it's sweet time.
i can smell it in the air...
even the grey days aren't so bad.
seeing the fresh green haze
makes me feel
like things are new again.
my girls keep me so busy,
i still struggle to find
the right time to
remember me.
to remember to plan
and create
and get in touch
with the voice inside.
blue skies,
song birds,
frogs peeping at dusk.
walks to the river
and the sun on my face...
little reminders
to slow down
and make some mental notes.

April 16, 2011

birds and flowers....

birds and flowers....

we have snow on the way...
but don't feel too bad for me.
the spring birds are here.
the crane flew over the house
the other day
and the geese honk happily
as they fly low by the river.
i even heard the frogs peeping
the other night...
it all brings me peace of mind.
so for a few more days
we'll turn up the heat,
cuddle under blankets
and wait for mother nature
to make up her mind.

April 14, 2011

a breathe of fresh air...

a breathe of fresh air...
enjoying the longer and warmer days.
the snow is gone!
i see tips of tulips in the dirt
and buds appearing on trees.
i steal moments out of my day
to sit with my face in the sun.
kind of makes me feel human again!