March 9, 2011

happy to be me

happy to be me

I sometimes have small anxiety attacks.
I am a worrier.
I do not have a bad temper.
I have no control near pastries.
I am very patient with others,
not so much with myself.
I realize I am not perfect...
and I never will be.
No one is perfect...or should be.
I have some weird issue with recipes,
they make me nervous...
so i never use them.
I am addicted to home decor magazines,
paper napkins,
dish towels
and table clothes.
I spoil my girls.
I am waiting for the perfect job
to land in my lap.
I have no idea what kind of job
that would be.
I keep busy all day,
but I never have
a perfect home.
I believe it doesn't need to be perfect
to be beautiful.
I love my life.
It's beautiful.


  1. Hello my dear friend! I can totally relate to anxiety and worry, also being unable to resist a pastry. I've always imagined your home to be beautiful because you are a beautiful and creative soul.
    Many hugs,
    Lisa xx

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be comfortable in one's own skin --- and life? You certainly seem to be reaching that point!