March 1, 2011

oh to be this free spirited!

oh to be this free spirited!

Getting in the right frame of mind
is tricky.
Making time to focus
and then find the right time
to be creative...
it's hard,
because life is busy.
It will take time for me
to learn to carve a piece of special
"me" time
into our life.
It's still "our life" around here for a while.
...don't get me wrong...
i love being the glue.
I was born to be the mama
of these amazing girls.
I'll just continue to play around
when the day allows.
...and constantly remind myself
of how lucky i am.

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely post. It is hard to strike a balance. I find when I have the time to be creative, I don't have the inspiration, and vice versa.

    Lisa x