February 1, 2011

fresh start

It's time to dust off the old
inspiration board.
{this one isn't mine...}
I even had to borrow this idea
from somewhere else.
"It's all up here"
tapping on my noggin'
This is blog #2...
because, while I love
blog #1...
I have this need to start something new.
This one is about re-discovering myself.
Focussing on design and handmade crafts.
I can do this stuff...
I've just become a bit rusty.
This happened to me when I became a Mama.
The Ruffled Mama...
Jammie bottoms,
warm babies,
wet nosed puppies.
Life happens.
The babies turn into teens
and the Mama gets
a little panicky.
Mama runs for the glue gun
and the sewing machine!
Please join me as I re-create myself!!


  1. I'm right there with you, honey. My little one is now a teen and before long will be flying from the nest. We have to figure out what we're going to do next. This, I find, is a challenge. Good luck to you in all that you do!

    Gentle hugs!

  2. I love that you are with me!! Thanks so much for coming by...

  3. Hello,
    glad to see your new blog. How exciting. I think I'll be finding some inspiration here. (if your images are anything to go by - obviously good taste)

    Lisa x

  4. Best of luck on your second blog! Are you keeping the other one?