February 4, 2011

craving color today...

craving color today...

Today I needed a pop of color here
...funny how I can go one way
and then another.
A split color personality?
yes, I think so...
well, thank goodness for that.
Everyone(and every home)
needs that pop!
One of my secrets...
a touch of red in every room.
It's like magic.
Trust me.


  1. I love color, which seems at odds with the fact that I have a craving for white vintage. But I'm planning on bringing a little bit in. I had a lot of red, chocolate and cream in our home. It's great in winter. Love that cutlery set

    Lisa x

  2. I, too, crave color. Usually blue or a soft yellow. My husband is afraid of color, so I use it in accessories, like pillows or wall art. Thanks for sharing.